Texas Beer


In Texas, beer from a local brewery is a welcome relief on a hot Texan day. It’s one of the most popular drinks in the world (falling right behind water and tea). While national beers are everywhere, a true Texan will always be looking for a true Texan beer. And if you talk to a Texan, the beer of choice will probably be the one that’s the most exclusive because it’s sold only in Texas – Ziegenbock.

Popular Texas Beer:

  1. Ziegenbock – Ziegenbock Amber is a product from Anheuser- Busch and is only sold in Texas.  It’s a light brown / amber-colored beer with a full-bodied taste, brewed in Houston.
  2. Shiner Bock – A full-flavored dark beer brewed right in the heart of Texas in Shiner by the Spoetzl Brewery.  It’s sold in 41 states.

Now besides the above which are certainly the most well-known and popular in the state, there are a number of Texas breweries which produce beers that Cowboys enjoy.  The list includes:

Texas Breweries

The Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Armadillo Brewing Company, Bay Brewery, Boardwalk Bistro, Bosque Brewing Company, Celis Brewery, Dallas County Brewing, Fredericksburg Brewing Co., Frio Brewing Company, Galveston Brewery, Houston Brewery, Independence Brewing Company, Laboratory Brewing Company, Live Oak Brewing Company, Old City Brewing Company, Padre Island Brewing Company, Rahr and Sons Brewing Company, Salado Creek Brewing Company, Spoetzl Brewery, Strand Brewing Company, Texas Brewing Company, Village Brewery, and the Yellow Rose Brewing Company

There are various resources to help you determine which brews and breweries throughout the Lone Star State are the best, this is just a place to get started in your search.